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Dr. Evangeline M.L. Rand has been a practicing Registered Psychologist since 1981 years initially starting The Child Sexual Abuse Treatment Program in Edmonton, Alberta and then working in full time private practice. In 2005 she was Chair of the Doctor of Ministry program (which she has served for 21 years) of St. Stephen's Theological College that has an ecumenical and trans-disciplinary faculty.

Dr. Rand describes herself as a dreamer, story teller, artisan and psychological activist. In various places in North America Dr. Rand acts as teacher, lecturer, and workshop facilitator through story, drama, dance, music, ritual and art. Also continues as travel guide on sacred journeys.

Honouring the physicist Wolfgang Pauli 1900 - 1958

I am inviting you to a celebration of the life of the Nobel Prize winning physicist Wolfgant Pauli who radically and brilliantly contributed to the development of 20th century quantum science. His rigorous collaboration with Carl Jung resulted in expansive, challenging and 'holing' developments of theoretical and clinical considerations for our developing notions of 'psyche' and 'matter'. Being neither a mathematician nor a physicist I have myself been challenged by the 'hints of the dreams', and my own scholarly efforts and required 'journeys' that have drawn me into a passionate and loving engagement with Pauli. These are the matters I intend to present as an evolving, profusely and beautifully illustrated 'picture story'.

Recently presented at a conference at Essex University England, this is historic research, - making public, for the first time, the fact that Pauli went to India (1952-3) at the invitation of Homi Jehanger Bhabha, pioneer Indian nuclear physicist. Pauli was impressed by the 5th to 8th century Elephanta temple caves dedicated to great and eternal Shiva, embodiment of awe-inspiring energies of creation and destruction, and with which I was able to engage in early 2017 - much to my surprise! Pauli refused to become embroiled with the Manhattan nuclear weapon project. Ever concerned with details, he became known in his profession as the challenging "conscience of physics". It is particularly significant that we can honour his life and passionate, scholarly truthfulness the day after we celebrate our own Remembrance Day, 11th November, 2017.

Margie and Rudi Koop have kindly offered to host this event at their beautiful, welcoming home. We shall be serving light snacks of Rice, Dahl, Poppadoms, and Indian sweets, along with 'ever-wonderful tea' - of course.

Date: Sunday, November 12th, 2017

Place: The home of Margie and Rudi Koop
           63, Woodlake Manor, Sherwood Park
                            780 464 6035

Time: 2:30 p.m.

Fee: $20 at the door.
If this amount presents a difficulty for anyone,
please discuss with me ahead of time.

R.S.V.P.       evangelinerand@shaw.ca
            780 479 8625
Honouring the physicist Wolfgang Pauli 1900 - 1958
Trimurti Shiva, Elephanta,
(Evangeline Designs 2017)
You may recognize the picture from the front of Joseph Campbell's
The Mythic Image.
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